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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 6:15 pm

Welcome to the official forum of Sons Of Seasons

The Website: is Sons Of Seasonsī official and international webpage, comprising other national websites, which are all authorised by the band.

The forum: This forum is run under the bandīs wishes, so please respect the decisions that are taken about its functioning and rules, since they come directly from the band. In the forum we talk about Sons Of Seasons and related subjects.

Forum rules

Languages: Please speak English. For other languages please go to the related subforums.

Respect: Insults or swearing will not be tolerated and results in a warning and finally in a ban from this forum. Please respect otherīs opinions.

Bootlegs/Mp3s: Discussions on Sons Of Seasons' or other bandsī bootlegs are NOT permitted in the forum, so any post/ threads on the subject will be deleted. Any threads involving downloading MP3s (except legal download pages where you pay for your MP3s) or videos from Sons Of Seasons or any other band are strictly forbidden.
Those providing information on how to pirate music will be permanently banned from the forum.

Tours: The band will post all the official information regarding tours, cd releases, and other band matters in the forum and in the official page. Whatever information is on the web page, mailing list and forum (posted by administrators) is therefore official. Any other information can be doubtful, but you can always ask in the forum if any information that you have found is true or confirmed.

Spam: Don't spam! Please think about what you want to add to a topic, see if you are really adding to the conversation. If you are only going to add a smiley, rethink! This is a fun forum, we donīt want you to be 100% serious all the time, we wonīt be controlling that, but please take into consideration that the server has a limit! And more importantly, we all wanna have fun posting and reading!

Repetitive Topics: This is directed especially to newbies, but also concerns older members of the forum. Before opening a new topic, please make sure you have a look through the existing topics and/or use the search function to make sure that there isn't already a thread discussing what you're about to post. If there isnīt a similar topic already open, feel very free to start it! But please make sure that it is in the correct section.

Private Messages: From time to time, please check out your pm inbox, and delete all messages which are old and you donīt need. In that way we can lift some stress off the server and the forum will run better.

Other bands: If you would like to advertise your own band, please do it in “Off topic discussions” section, this is the appropriate place. And if you want to keep the members of this forum updated with your work, please add new posts to the original you opened. Please donīt start a topic with each song you write!

And thatīs about all for the moment. Keep in mind that we might change these rules without previous notice, so keep an eye on this section!

Thank you
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Forum Rules
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