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 The Dream Topic

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PostSubject: The Dream Topic   The Dream Topic Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2008 7:22 pm

Do you have dreams very often? Only sometimes? Maybe not at all? I thought it would be cool to discuss our weird and wonderful dreams. Nothing too personal please! Wink

I decided to open this topic because I had an SoS dream last night, and I have weird dreams very often.

My dream started off with myself, Kitikri and Oliver in my hallway. Oliver was on a PC, and Kitikri and I were on laptops, speaking in the SoS chat even though we were right next to eachother Neutral Then all of a sudden Oliver and Kitikri got up, and put their coats, gloves and hats on. I asked why, and they said they were going to have a snowball fight in my garden o_O So I put on my coat and gloves and followed them outside, where Henning and all the forum members were having a snowball fight Shocked

It was really weird, but cool Very Happy I've had some other band-related dreams which were really strange, like one time I dreamt that I was eating nachos with Epica in a train station 0.0
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The Dream Topic
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